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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taste of Dream . . .


When I discovered him, on Jamendo, I immediately fell in love with his music . . . always interesting, with a bit of spice through melody or percussion . . . his dreams are welcoming to the listener and takes them on a voyage of pleasure and peace . . . From Jazz to Chill . . . from Ambient to World . . . these are spectacular listens . . . so enjoy:

Andrea Soru 'Jabaro'
Taste Of Dream

FaceBook link: https://www.facebook.com/TheTasteOfDream

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This is an album selected from Jamendo . . . an older offering but so delightful . . .

For this album, as "orangeupurple" I commented:

"Jazzy, bluesy, world . . . sunny, happy . . . music full of sparkling blue skies . . . and poppy music . .. an amalgam of many genre's under this lovely album cover. We went from the graceful and happy ethnic tune, "Warm your feet," to a gorgeous, dreamy song, "Lost in a daydream" with so much richness added by way of lovely percussion, flutes, beautiful strokes painted in with ethnic vocals, and carefully chosen instruments to add a world flavor. If I were to pick one tag for this album I would pick "sunny" = bright + cheerful = uplifting . . . I loved the personable and outstanding female singer in "Cool like ice hot like fire." "Follow me" a little bit of uplifting reggae/hip-hop with some great atmospheric sounds and a nice level tune . . . "Lonely hunter," was just so potent, an almost ambient tune which had a very strikingly touching melody. I wish I had the time to describe all the songs on this album . . . there wasn't a single one that missed the mark. They all were carefully crafted to fit into this "Lovely" sunshiny album . . . ready to pounce on the low spirits and lift them up into the beautiful blue and warm loving places. This album was a true joy to the listening soul. M^^W"

This album is newer and offered on Bandcamp. It has a throbbing Asian feel and the taste of exotic spices, with the chill of Eastern instruments and the welcome of formal, calming melodies.



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