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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Right from the Top!

Usually, I must sort through album after album to find something to my taste . . . But today, I was able to find some extraordinary music . . . to light your day, right from the top page.
Happy me!

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EIVISSA SALINAS feat. DJ HSERES, "Savage Summer"

This song was way too sexy to play for my young students, but it certainly was a delightful listen this morning, for me . . . wakes you up and not only turns you on but moves your energies into dance mode . . . I loved the horn interludes . . . and the feeling of a hot dance on an exotic beach with beautiful companions . ..  This was a wonderful track . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Joka L. "Country Fantasy"

Normally, I wouldn't try an album like this, because I look for creative and beautiful album covers, and this album cover was quite boring . . . and I wonder about the name of the artist . . . but I gave it a tentative try . .  and Surprise! I loved it! The music was creative and beautiful and each track was unique, yet harmonious with the overall scheme. I loved the track, "Pirate Tavern" as it was quirky with a sense of fun . . . and "Silent NIght" (not a Christmas song) was pensive piano,  simple with a repetitive nature . .. The music is worth a taste, and perhaps you will enjoy it too . . ..  And, so, I am always learning not to judge a book by its cover . ..  or an album . . .. 



Keep an eye on this guy . . . or should I say: EAR! I cannot find a sour note in all of the music that I have listened to so far in these two new albums . . . One, is powerfully wonderful jazziness in all its glory, 

and the other, a peaceful journey . . . a dream flowing through the airwaves . . . a vision of Heaven . . .. 

"The Journey Has Begun"

Oh MY! Indeed the journey has begun . .. a quiet flute, a mighty storm .. .. captivating this listener with an intrigue of mystery, peacefulness . . . and a voyage into that moment that lasts forever . .. . sweeping you up into a dreamtime that gives unique visions and emotions . . .

"Jazzy Side of Billy James"

Jazz . ..  what can I say . . . in all its temperaments . . it is warm and always gives those bone good feelings, wiping away the blues . . . This is deep and very expressive jazz . . .


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