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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wolfsong, by Peter kind

Peter kind, "Wolfsong"

I cannot resist a song that carries my name . . . for I expect to find the power that gives me wings to fly . . . and character, with hopes to dream  . . .  and I was surely not disappointed by this song . . . so beautiful, so strong with harmonious and peaceful breezes; and the flow of angels as they swept by, carrying hope, inner joy, and torches glowing, lighting the way like an ember, always ready to burst into flame or heat the heart with memories of song and love  .. .. I dreamed of wolves running through the land, free to be . . . free to sing . . . free to grace us with the shape of song as it lifts our spirit . . . and the shadow of the music will settle in my heart, a melody of perfection.

****************** Thank you for sharing this beautiful "Wolfsong" ************************


  1. Wolfsong thanks! you are a great poet, this is my tribute to a wonderful person

    Peter Kind.

  2. Thank you so much, Peter . .. You touched my heart, more than you know . . . and brought the tears to my eyes - Barbara

  3. This music is amazing!! It is not haunting.....but mesmerizing.....whimsical is not the right word either....but it is emotional and beautiful....Thank you for sharing it. I appreciated its beauty.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer . . I will make sure that Peter sees your comments!

  5. omg!!! this music so touching,,, so emotional,, oh, so beautiful,,
    i can feels sad, hopeless, happy, angry, vibrant, creeps in one time,,,
    thank you so much, this music very inspiring me,, thank you

    -janet naomi-

  6. Thank you Janet . . . I am so glad that the music makes you so emotional ;-D

  7. hello barbara are peter these are two links to you tube where there are my first two videos, I hope you like them.



    peter kind.

  8. Those were beautiful . . . The second with stunning visuals and matching music and the first one took my breath away with an incredible story and music . . . Thank you for sharing Peter Kind . . .