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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speaking to the Heart . . . Jazz and Guitar

Régis V. Gronoff, "A Winter in Babylon"

Jazz is one of those genres which can speak to anything . . . bringing warmth and musing to your heart, it can capture the entire range of human emotions while maintaining a bright ray of hope. This generous jazzy album, with an improvisational/funky style, reveals the core of the musician's heart as he contemplates the human condition regarding love and loss . . . An album which is a definite must for jazz aficionados . . . I think my favorite was "Back There With Miles and Trane," a track which honors two of jazz's all-time greats . . .  a very moving piece!


Quietly Concerned, "Homeless"

This stunning, debut album, has quite captivated my heart and feelings . . . regarding love, within a range of human conditions  .. .. after all .. .. aren't we, every one of us, searching for love and a place called Home . .. this quest is something that guides us and motivates us, throughout our lives . . . we search for the niche . . . that place where we know we belong, where we can reciprocate and give of our soul, and the people will love us . . . no matter what  . . . and we will love them too . . . 

The singer, with his warm, mellow vocals; thoughtful and somewhat pensive at times . . the lyrics filled with meaning, compassion, and empathy,  the guitar and harmonica . . . were all so dreamy and heart touching. . . an album to be listened to over and over .  . . an album which is a gift to our hearts . . . and a music to share . . .  as we dream of a better world . .. 


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