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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Café Del Chillia aka EIVISSA SALINAS feat. DJ HSERES

Café Del Chillia, "Best Can Do"

Two versions of the same song . . . The second, instrumental mix, was Café Del Chillia's standard mix . . . of chill, with some expressive jazzy bits floating through. 

But the first track was so unusual. At first I wasn't sure I liked it . . . however, after the first listen I became intrigued with the seemingly discordant blend of female vocals and the instrumental composition  . . . it seemed to be telling someone's story and was interestingly captivating . . . This seems to be an inventive piece which gave the impression of a musical for a stage play . . . an introspective commentary was musically verbalized by an excellent female singer while the music plays on . .This piece has a split personality which depicted an angry but proud woman slowly merging with the uplifting music . . .  It seemed familiar to the listening soul.

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