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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Electronica

Mélodie en sous-sol, "cement garden"

At times, thoughtful serenity .. a dreamy perspective .  . the heart beat, of the music, drew deep breaths within my soul .  . . Then there were the jazzy moments . . . down to earth . . . at times, maybe, too changeable ("Man With A Gun"), yet always interesting as if describing an episode, a story . . . The exotic "Indra" was my favorite . . . taking me down a long mysterious road . . . and when the guitar came in . . . it added an aura of hope . . . a peaceful, mellow ride . . . . 


Ambient Sounddesign, "Ethno World Meditation"

As of today, May 6, 2013, This artist has 83 tracks on Jamendo . . . and they just started adding them a few weeks ago! Amazingly nice music! Of course I've been focused on the one album, lately, but since I love chill, trance and other relaxing music I will find myself checking out this collection often. I have already mentioned them in an earlier posting but since I've been enjoying this music, I wanted to further expound on their offerings.

The album, which I am reviewing today, is basically world new-age; mostly Eastern exotic styled, electronica . .. very nicely put together so as to create a seamless flow . .  the sounds of the flute, strings, bells, and other unique instruments were relaxing and flavorful with the essence of Asia, Australia, Celtic and others . . This is wonderful background music with a pure, flawless, creative, interesting appeal . . . I've been listening and enjoying this one album for days . ..  


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