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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Few Good Tracks!

PeerGynt Lobogris, "Rock The Moon (Single)

I could listen to Lobogris . . . slick electric guitar for hours . ..  hot and vivacious . ..  a personality that shines and envelopes the listener in an excitement that is hard to describe .  . . . .  Wonderful that this experienced musician has kept all of his albums on Jamendo . . .  His music is a treat for the soul.


GingerTom, "Music And The Movies 4"

A puzzle . ..  bits and pieces . . .  wafting around us like a question, never answered in a world where a poisonous fog keeps the populace complacent . . .This music gave me chills . . . the creepy kind; and I have suspected, for a hundred thousand years, that this world is run by a cadre of devious aliens. That dominant marching sound, in the tract, made me think of the North Korean army  . .  with dreams of controlling the world, there is no control of even the self; for true nature oozes out like green blood from a dying dragon's wound  . . . But perhaps this story was about a more subtle type of appropriation . . . easily done through lies and manipulating by the powerful who have no compunction nor guilt . . . where greed and money walk hand in hand and a gray man in a gray suit points the finger of blame . . . and slowly the world is overcome. This was a very different style of music, for GingerTom . . . with so many vivid sounds seamlessly blended to shake the emotions and startle the senses . . . it manipulates the mind to visualize and empathize with the story teller . .. Excellent job!


Stefano mocini, "Eh ya"

Remember how you felt, when you watched the sun set, in glorious colors, and the rays of light reached into the endless cosmos, and the breeze cooled your cheeks as you looked into heaven  . ..  and you felt as if you could fly that way . . . your heart reached up, higher and higher . .  Eh Ya . ..  it felt like that! My only complaint, Mr. Mocini, was that it was too short . . . !!


Marcin brzozowski, "Cello and Piano"

Magical, atmospheric . . . the cello and the piano carry a delicate beauty that rivals the muted colors of spring . . . This composition has a lovely flow and a relaxing demeanor, and I wished there was more of it . . .  that emotional, sensitive, melancholy dreaminess was a perfect centerpiece for a quiet evening . ..  This is a beautifully harmonious example of the perfect companionship of Cello and Piano.


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