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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artist Share . . . Yvalain

The popular and profoundly charming Yvalain is an eclectic and talented artist with a big heart and an avid love for music. He has tremendous talent, and with the vision and courage to experiment on new ideas he is able to accomplish some notable results. . . One gets the general impression that he has a lot to say about the state of the world and is able to satisfy his need to be expressive through his music. He actively pursues collaborations with musicians from all over the world and has produced a large and growing collection of music of many genres. . . He is quite active and highly thought-of on the Fandalism site, which is approached through FaceBook, and is a place where musicians can get together and collaborate, share music, and explore new ideas. 





  1. So many thanks to you dear Barbara. Everything you said about my will to express myself int music. For the compliments I can only accept them with humility. Love from France. Yvalain

  2. You are welcome, Yvalain . . . just trying to share the music :)