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Friday, July 26, 2013

Music for the Day . . .

Orlando, "Life Histories"

Tags:  rock, instrumental, soundtrack, progressive, keyboard

To enhance the listening pleasure . .  the listener should read the background on each piece, which the musician explained on his page, so click on the link to find that text. I always find these so insightful and interesting and they add so much more understanding and depth to the music.

The music, itself, is dramatic, passionate, expressive and emotive . . . giving vision and dreams along with the changing light and shadows of the instruments . . . the style changes as the artist paints, with grand sweeps, the theme . . .in vivid colors.

This musician seems motivated by sad and tragic circumstances and is gifted at expressing, with purpose, the feelings involved in these situations. He does give some uplift and hope and his one, very positive and beautiful track was dedicated to his wife.

In the end, it is most enlightening, to let the music play . . . and your heart tells its own stories . . . the music will definitely move you . . .


Biphenson, "Hidden Nature Sounds"

Tags: downtempo, ambient, chillout

Nature is so awesome and so generous in contributing to our spiritual well-being . . . to be motivated by such is surely a second nature to all artists. This first album, by this musician, is one such delivery, as inspiring as the universe around us.  It is very beautiful with a base of serenity and contemplation and a peaceful consistency throughout . ..   the kind of music to listen to . . . "and slow down."


Martin Solós, "Coro de las Estrellas"

Tags: electronic, ambient, electricguitar, berlinschool, neuronium

With the feeling of wind chimes whispering in my ear . . . 
I listen with pleasure 
as the breezes from the stars dream of me 
and I smile in return,
my song is emboldened, 
the beating of my heart returns
as my wings take me through
the constellations . . . a flavor
of eternity
twinkles through the ether . . 

Beautiful, as the music gathers its forces and carries us with compassion through our accompanying dream . . .


Koyö, "Secret Garden / 5:30"

Tags: None given by musician

As I dreamed, as I listened, I found that this ambient, fascinating music, was consistently beautiful and well worth a listen. This ten minute, two track album would be a very nice addition to any ambiental play list. . . it has a peaceful quietness, with an environmental appeal and poetical follow-through for each piece. Very lovely!


Labsounds, "Echoes"

Tags: trance, house, elektro

Consistent in focus, this music stays energized and yet often with a relaxed and inspiringly tranquil spirit giving a sense of well-being to the listener .  . . .  and somehow with the vision and the spirit of a galloping horse. . .

This is bright, sprightly trance with, sometimes, the sound of steel drums singing to our hearts.  . . now . ..  we're going to go dance as we listen again .. . . love that beat . . . that tempo . . . 


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