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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pictures and Hiddeminside . . . Lullabies and Dreams

Pictures, "Lullabies"

Tags: electronic, electro, fusion, Indie, Spain

Dreamy, mysterious . . . gentle and relaxing! This album would be a strong winner with anyone wishing to sleep or daydream with a little impetus to visualize or fantasize to the music . . .  Each of the eleven tracks had their own unique character and yet all the while carrying the theme straight to the emotions of the spiritual center of the listener  . ..  the music, somewhat surreal and pensive. . . . As I listened  I gazed into the baby blue sky where feathers of clouds flew on the waves of wind . . . and there I was . . . cool and dreamy, floating . . the colors of heaven . ..  opened before me . . . the stars of the night revealed in that hemisphere  . . . the yellows and greens of nature, dancing fingertips of tree limbs . .  the tender babes of the forest . ..  all convened through the music to fill my heart and soul with a peaceful inner joy . . 


Hiddeminside, "Dreams vol.2"

Tags: Electronic, World, 

Ethereal and airy . . . the "Sounds of Freya" flow through the atmosphere like waves of delicate breezes, carrying the soul and the heart with it as it wafts into the listener's ear . .. and then "Sounds of Anu" presented clouds of drum beat . . . bongo, rhythm . .. a gentle beat that guides the dreamer into vistas of beauty . . . feet stepping along a cliff edge and the feeling of wings gathering to carry one over the tempest and into the rays of the setting sun . . . and "Sounds of Brigid" was just peaceful, like the calm, sun dappled sea . . . or waves of grass on an endless prairie . . .  "Sounds of the Gods" is full of subtle drama . . . and wishful dreams . . 


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