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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black and White . . .

Arnoldsrecords, "Senses"

Tags:  piano, sensible, instrumental, ambient, chillout

That first tune reminded me of music that came with a Nintendo game I loved so much, so many years ago . . . I played it, often, mostly because of the music and the dreaminess of the game, where we went deeper into caves . . . deeper and deeper into fantasy . . .  These sometimes nearly jazzy/bluesy, heart-touching, emotional pieces were quite nice! I also, particularly loved the journey of "So, Nat" which moved me along a quiet road . .  visualizing peaceful settings and stories . . . so lovely! The pianist put a lot of heart into these pieces . . and I loved that distant flute in "Our Own Ways Out." 


Sphere, "Sphere se repose"

Tags: piano, electronic, classical, worldmusik

Piano, strings, percussion and creativity can bring compassionate loveliness into the atmosphere as the music plays . . . Dreamy music . . .sympathetic and temperate . . . something that settles the heart . . . the music grows on you, like feathers on a bird . . . and lifts you through the gentle breezes of these quiet melodies . . .


Gaël Voisric, "Moon"

Tags: piano, easylistening, pianosolo

Simply lucid, beautiful piano . . . lovely, quiet melodies, like the moon, slipping through the night, serene and bright, watching all that goes on beneath the cool white light . . . The piano play is simple and tranquil . . . a little dark with the low notes and contemplative at times as in "Silent Of Graves." Seemed to be a lot of baby sounds in the background of some of these tracks . . . soothing and happy . . . so perhaps these would be great to play to children . . . to calm them down . . . to calm anyone.


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  1. You are right. In some pieces my baby (1 year old) was sit on the piano. She played with me in tacks 7 and 9 :-)