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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Music I am enjoying today . . .

Different styles, emotions, musicians . . . all great for the enjoyment of the day, life . . . music makes you feel alive and especially all these albums . . Tags are included. I'm doing a better job of remembering them . . .

Fortadelis, "Higher Perspective"

Tags: lounge, jazz, funk, ambient, nujazz

First few notes I heard . . . I also hear, "Yummmmy" coming out of my mouth . . . love this funky jazz . . . with personality and heart . . . it is throbbing with life and warm energies.


Yohan Chardey, "Lumière noire"

Tags: ambiance, film, instrumentale, yohan, chardey

These classically styled piano pieces were smooth and mellow, with little drama or passion, but offered peacefulness, serenity and tranquility as if a dream became music and floated on a night breeze over the cool, reflective waters . . Beautiful music to be listened to during relaxation times.


Electron7, "Recto-Verso"

Tags: electronic, chillout, synthesizer, electronika, christian

I happened to run into this album on FaceBook and thought I would give it a listen. Glad I did! I've been enjoying this smoothly energized electronic music .. .. the voices, the atmosphere . . . the emotional poetry of the pieces are entrancing.


Putsasoll, "Khaos"

Tags: instrumental, ambient, darkambient, synthesizer, electronik

Chaos . . . the pieces travel in many different directions . . . as if the soul were on fire . . . the darkness is hot and bright with ambient light . . . and as if, swimming through water, there is an undertow that captivates the listener as they swim through the music . . . it pulls and entices the listener to find the deeper places in the music . . 


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