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Friday, July 5, 2013

Something Flies Through . . .

Seems like time passes too quickly, 
when I'm not looking . . . 
but when I stop to watch the moments . . 
dance, like little kids . . . 
smiling, with a secret knowledge
I know that the road,
traveling beneath my feet . . .
takes me
to where I want to go . . 
and on the way
I can dance too . . .

the world can be a hard place to land
when you stumble and fall . . 
but music always
softens the blow . . .

I'm not always sure what I want to say about the music to which I listen.  Sometimes I am inspired and at other times . . . I just want to be still and hear every nuance, every beat, every breath of wind as it sighs through . . . SO . . . here are some albums I am listening to, today . . . I find them to be nice little traveling companions . . . to accompany me as I ride this planet through the Universe . .  spinning and dancing around the great campfire . . . flying through the gloriousness of space toward The Great Attractor  . . . finding no end . .  just the road, and along the way . . . great beauty . . 

the molecules of distant 
are endless . . .
and there,
where the ether ripples
like waves
on a still blue sea . . .
flies through . . .. 


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Marna, "Ameliyat"

Tags:  electronic, ambient, psychedelic, emotional, benim

This is a long piece . . . unusual, hypnotic, meditative and inspiring . . . 


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

zero-project, "E-world - The ultimate edition"

Tags:  Instrumental, electronic, ambient, new, ethno,

A rework of an already perfect album into an even better . . . more beautiful and fulfilling . . . This artist has been one of my long time favorites and continues to be so creative and so inspiring, that just listening, for a few moments to this music takes me on a trip, beyond my imaginations . . . down that eternal road . . . into the hands of the angels . . .


Indicazo, "Inner Peace"

Tags: love, awakening, beach, peace, universe

How lovely is it to have that hope . .  to have that inner peace and continue without drama or grief  destroying it . . . to always have that gift available when life gets hard and requires so much pain . . . it's like music . . . the flow is always there, but the colors change . .. and the light sometimes dims . . . yet the ability to rise with wings and fly, when listening . . . when there in that inner place . .  is always available. . . let the music lift you . . . let your legs move to this dance and your wings grow strong . . 


Alien Skin, "Ghost In The Rain"

Tags: alien, skin, electronic, atmospheric, dreamy, haunting, mysterious, synthpop, Melbourne, 

Let that "Ghost In The Rain" into your environment . . . listen to the soft voice of Alien Skin work his magic on your emotions as you melt into the quietness, the dreaminess of these love songs . . . They flow around you, like liquid, gentle, yet insistent  . . .  Dream as you listen, close your eyes and feel the comfortable warmth enwrap you, feel at peace . . . as the cold rains dance outside on hard dark city streets . . 



  1. Hi Barbara, I wish to thank you for making time to post a review of Ghost In The Rain. I'm pleased you find it enjoyable enough to have done so.


  2. You are so welcome, George and thank you for sharing the music!

  3. Thankyou for the review.

    Much love and peace.

    Greets Milan Kondic

  4. You are very welcome, Milan, and keep making the music! :-D