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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Music Regenerates Me . . . Inspires Me . . .

Ignacio Núñez, "Lights"

Tags: instrumental, soundtrack, filmmusic, ost, bso

This was such a beautiful album . . . beginning with the captivating first track, "Atrapar Una Nube Con Las Manos" . . . a signature piano piece that filled the heart so full of gladness and the wings with breezes, so fresh and delightful . . . the listener senses the grace and inspiration of the musician as it plays through . . .  and through a lengthy, generous album of smooth, shiny . ..  sentimental and evolutionary music . . . sometimes bringing the tears to my eyes . . .  the kind you can listen to for an eternity . .. or give as a gift to the love of your life to dream with . .  And something ethereal blooms and uplifts the listener  . . . so romantic, so pleasurable . .  enticing. We end on the tender notes of "Wonder Wing," the twenty-sixth track . . . a gentle piano sparkles and dances while inspiring us to dream . . .


Deimos, "One voice"

Tags: new, evasion, age, relaxing, quiet, meditative

The album consisted of lovely, relaxing music . . . clear and uplifting, with nature sounds and a general sense of well-being. I have been enjoying this music for quite a while this morning, as background for busy work and it has kept my mood good.  A perfect album to add to any ambient playllist.


Charles (Bert) Jerred, "Under the Stars"

Tags: folk, acoustic, vocals, folkrock, electroacoustic

Oh my, but these were sweet, to hear . . . my heart just warmed to this set of warm male vocals singing to a quietly strummed acoustic guitar . . . The singer didn't have a great range, but the gravely voice was perfect for these emotional and traditionally styled folk songs . . . a beautiful afternoon can be spent listening to these . ..  


Simon Slator, "Cold Sun"

Tags: electronic, progressive, berlinschool, instrumentalrock

Dream music . ..  cool and spacey . . . a free wheeling ride through space and beyond. Very nice! The musician accomplished his mission in these pieces . .. 


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