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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Stop When You're On A Roll . . .

Paul Zach, "The Rhythm Of The Heart"

The reason we love the beats, of certain musical pieces, is because it closely matches the beating rhythm of our heart . . . I love trance for that reason . . . it lifts me up, excites me, and helps me move . . . plus it's great to dance to . . . these first two pieces are quite nice trance with lovely intros . . .  and energized beats which compel the listener to dream and dance . . .


Alberto Mandis, "First Colors"

I love this jazzy, lounge music . . . it has that warm and personal  inner glow, with a cool, reflective sensation . . .  at any rate . . . it puts a smile on my face and a tappy-tap in my toes . . . And that improvisational sounding piece, "Blue Sky," was quite colorful with some great chatter between the instruments. The last track was the most enchanting, as it seemed to have a life of its own . . . charming and emotional.


Out of Limits, "In the Lap Of Clouds"

Very beautiful, calming and tender . . . the female vocals, in this lounge/chill music, blended well and set the right mood . . . relax and be happy.


Tunguska Electronic Music Society, "Tunguska Chillout Grooves X"

I am always thrilled to find a new Tunguska album. Often they become favorites and I can set these nicely generous playlists to flow through my environment for hours without tiring of this music. 

The first track was so beautiful, quite serene with an almost classical appeal . . . so when the second track began to play . . . colorfully vibrant with extra layers of sound . . it was a shock . . . Both were great tracks, but juxtaposed together, it was just a bit jarring to this listener . . .

However that is my only criticism, and I suppose, that when you take so many, extraordinarily hight quality musician's musical pieces and put them together for the extreme enjoyment of the fans . . . you will find those quirky moments . . .

All these pieces had such passion at the heart . . . it made me think of a blood red beating heart trying to escape from an icy blue environment . . . it builds a picture of humanity, finding its way, through music and art . . . through love and emotion . . . we find the music . . . to suit our mood . . .

Gorgeous . . . another winner!


And here . . . a little heart touching folk music:

I think anyone would love this music . . .  The voice . ..  will crawl into your soul and stay . . .  



Well, not sure what the title means . . . but the music was so powerful . . . with so many layers of sound that intrigued and tickled my ears . . . It kept me listening and mesmerized by the various nuances that thrust through the featured strong beat . . . this isn't napping music . . . but sound that energizes and lifts the spirit. . . . the music powers through those doldrums . ..  enlightening and cooling, like electronic music often does.



  1. Hi, I'm Carlets, creator of Geminis Studios,i compose music under the pseudonym Out of Limits.
    I'm glad you like my style because these songs contain many personal emotions are transferred to those sounds.
    If you want to see how they are made ​​you can do so at:
    Have a great week friend!

    Greetings from Barcelona

  2. Thank you for your comment and your share, Carlets and for sharing the music!