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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Jorisma, "Life energy"

tags: techno, electropop, popdance

With a little over 33 minutes worth of delightfully energetic, lively, upbeat tunes and an aptly named album . . . the listener could set and leave this music to play in order to lift up the heart, the soul, the body  . . . to dance . . . to energize a party, and to make the environment a bright and happy place. 

Having listened to each blithe tune, with their different personalities . . . from spiritually popping to vivaciously beautiful . . .  from buoyant serenity to heart-beat dreamy . . . I found myself enjoying these very creative pieces as a motivational force to give me the impetus to dance through my day and live my life with a smile on my face . . .

This melodic electronic music . . . created with the finesse and talent of JORISMA, is just the ticket to enlighten and liven anyone's day . . . I have never been disappointed in his music and with several albums, on Jamendo and with his creativity and continual inspiration .. .. it is worth your while to stop by and stay on his page and give all his shares a whirl . . . ENJOY!


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