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Monday, July 15, 2013

Meditative . . . Peace!

Two of my favorite albums, in this genre, have been around for a while, with a true sense of peace and inner awareness . . . quiet spaces with a shining path to follow are the rule. There is a sense of coolness, as in the serenity of a lake, with the calm movement of a quiet breeze creating a pattern of ripples  . . . and the distant pull of celestial dreams takes the listener on a personal voyage . .  

Sambodhi Prem, "Seven Waves of Knowing"
Tags: piano, newage, instrumental, ambient, meditative

Look for a review by Orangeupurple on the Jamendo page, as I will not repeat it, other than it still stands true today. This is one of the most refreshing albums I have ever listened to. One of my most favorite pieces is "Trusting The Universe," something of which we should all take heed . . . but also that one has a warm, mellow acoustic guitar which feels so good to my ears. Most of these songs are simple piano touches as if one human soul is stroking another .  .  . a rather sensual description but it does feel very personal . . . an angel's voice . . . a spiritual discourse . . . a healing peacefulness.


Anjey Satori, "Healing Sounds of Tibet"
Tags:  newage, ambient, meditative, healing, worldethnic

Probably, a better sounding version can be found on Magnatune ( http://download.magnatune.com/artists/satori ) Where there is a large abundance of this musician's music. Singing bowls, bells, angelic/monkish vocals and other Tibetan sounds are combined to induce a feeling of peacefulness and quiet. This is a wonderfully healing music, as apparently it cured Orangeupurple of a stressful headache . . . anyway that was the theme of her review. (Orangeupurple was one of my identities, but I don't always remember the circumstances of her reviews )


I am adding two more albums in this posting as I have been going back over older music which impressed me at the time and being curious about my state of mind then and now. I find these two, very relaxing and enlightening albums, to fit my mood and quest for peace as they did then AND now. ENJOY!


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Project Divinity, "Dharma Beats"
Tags: world, groove, instrumental, electronic, worldfusion

Although not necessarily meditative in genre, I am including it in this batch, partly because it was recommended, on my journey and quest to find the music of my heart . . . and partly because this artist's music speaks to the soul and while being very relaxing. The major feeling, that this album projects, is contentment . . . a quiet, harmonious happiness . . . 


Augenstilzchen, "Meditativum"
Tags: instrumental, nature, meditative, electroacoustic, guitar

The artist on this album uses an acoustic guitar, a soulful harmonica, nature sounds and spaces to convey it's quiet peaceful medicine . . . it is beautifully expressive while not destroying that quiet place you have built for yourself . . .


So, there is so much else out there . . . check "meditative" or "meditation" or "meditate" when you search the labels on Jamendo (you get the picture) . . . . 
But as you can tell . .  I was in a great need for just that today .  .  . and I found it without any trouble . . . 


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