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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Being Moved . . .

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Van Syla, "For My Friends"

Van Syla wrote this in the moments after receiving happy-birthday wishes from so many friends on her FaceBook page . .  . . it touched her heart that so many people cared . . . So she found the music in her soul and expressed her feelings with this piano/string piece . . . sweet and sentimental, it brings the listener back to earlier creations where she thanked a Jamendo friend (Dawn) for being so generous with her poetic reviews and writing such beautiful comments for Van Syla's music . . . "The Age of Innocence" ( http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a58170/the-age-of-innocence ), which is one of her most popular albums because of it's romantically passionate content, was written for Dawn  . . . I love this new piece and find it so expressive and emotional as it is a gift from the heart to all the people who care . . . 

When people are moved by the life around them .. . 
by the heart
of others . . . 
which is expressed
with love,
then that is where true art
can find its wings
and fly to the hearts of others,
building a nest
to live and rebound . . .
we do not exist
in a sterile world . . 
life is messy
and beautiful . . .
and love always finds its way
and knows how to grow .  .  .



  1. Thank you my dear friend. What else can I say ...I return you the compliment : what you so beautifully put into words, I try to say it with music. <3

  2. You are very welcome . . . and I just hope to hear even more from your talented compositions . . .