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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Listening Pleasure . . . Today . . .


The title of the album and tracks intrigued me . . . the album cover enticed me even more . . . the first notes of "The Trap" enthralled me . ..  and though I don't understand Greek, I could visualize my own story . . .I could find my own way, through time and expressive music . . . . and the pieces progressed. I am not often a big fan of triphop or amateur vocals . . . but this first track was so beautiful and mysterious with those flute like sounds, that I had to stay to listen until the end .  . . 

The album used exotic forms of sound, drums and melody to paint extraordinary visions . . . as I listened I kept finding myself getting chills or exclaiming, "WOW, that is BEAUTIFUL" . . . 


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Re-Lab, "Bach BWV 1039 IV"

Re-Lab and that piano of his . . ..  is to die for . . . This delightful, sparkling, moving, classical music can be played for hours . . . let it seep into your essence and there, you will find the perfume of joy . . . and moments that exist purely to make you happy, charm your heart and give you room to breath . . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

BeNSoundBeats, "Know"

Overall a very nice album . . . nice music, calming and enjoyable to have playing in the background of whatever you are into at the moment . . . The music covers a mild range of styles: chill, electronic, film thematic, dreamy and has some nice instrumental sounds and melodies.  Maybe it's not something to shout about from the mountaintops. . . but it is definitely worth a listen and download. Add it to a playlist of music you might need for a rainy day . . .


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