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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up . . .

Chris Bay, "Abstract & Reality"

First, I was attracted to the gorgeously striking album cover . . . . And of course, since I love New Age music, I had to listen. . .  then the very first notes soothed my soul and kept me listening. . . . the flowing notes and subtle sounds maintained the mood throughout the first two tracks and would be wonderful music for the spa, meditation or stress healing . . .  I found it wonderful to relax to . . .

and then came . . .. "Metal Fusion" a bit of a jolt causing me to come out of my daydream and become a little more involved with this  chill-ish trance .  .  . finding the positive energy to move and dance . . . "Rain" was probably my favorite . . . peaceful with intrusive percussion . . . like, well . . . rain . . . it has that scent that engulfs the atmosphere, an incense of calm . . .  

Overall, there were enough interesting sounds added to these pieces that I would often look up, from what I was doing to think about the music, and what it was saying to me. It wasn't just spa music . . . but something a little deeper, something to entrancing to this listener . . . and enticed me into the world of the musician . . .


Seagulls and Waves

Talking about New Age music . . . If you are an artist or listener . . . someone who loves to be involved with New Age music, check out this site: http://newagemusik.ning.com/
The page is called: "The New Age Music Circle."  It has a nice music community, art shares of all kinds, lots and lots of beautiful music and a handy playlist. This is a site where artists share their music in hopes that they can generate some sales or gigs . . . where people can make friends with like-minded souls and where people like me can come and dream . . . It's free and easy to sign up . .  so check it out . . . The link is also on my side-bar.


Out of Limits, "Perfect Atmosphere"


Beautiful album cover and enticing title .. ..  These four tracks contained wonderfully chill music, or some great dance, to take the listener away into a beautiful environment . . . a peaceful place to be calm . . . or walk for hours listening to this music . . .. the warm vocals and the smooth instruments pulled this album together to make a nice seamless listen . . . .



  1. Thank you very much for the critical friend, I'm glad you had a good time with my music!

    A big hug!!

  2. Big hugs back, CARLETSTOP and thank YOU for sharing the music!