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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eclectic . ..

Catherine Corelli, "Natural Grotesque [archive mixes]

Catherine is so expressive in her music and she is never afraid to experiment, or try new directions and give us her best.  I love this album, although sometimes frenetic, it takes its place in our listening experiences as very energetic, upbeat and quite electronic in its range of sounds . . . This is my favorite Catherine Corelli style . . . where she plays through sound, like an intelligent child, with an obvious enjoyment at the range of emotions which sound applies to the psyche . . .  As I listen, I hear tales told, and stories revealed within the music . . . sometimes with vivid visions and psychotic dreams . . . but always interesting and quite enjoyable . . .


Thomas Katerkamp, "Piano Dishes"

I was first attracted to the album cover (I am a very visual person) and then to the mention of "piano" in the title (I adore piano music) . . . and enjoyed many listens during the day.  The music is very lovely, with the appeal of setting a background mood of contentment and joy   .  .  this is a flavorful mix of upbeat and light piano pieces which danced around my head and made me smile . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Ariel_999, "Magic Time"

This is excellent music for this listener's mood and energy . . . electronically stimulating the my smile muscles and giving me the feeling that I could leap through space and over constellations . . . and some pieces made me dream that I was in a gorgeous meadow smelling the flowers and listening to the birds . . .

I think that the composer put much of their own feelings into the music, really digging deeply to find that ability to express themselves through these electronic sounds . . .  This is NOT music to listen to unless you want to be happy . . .  These pieces would probably be excellent theme sounds to videos and short movies or even just to give yourself a kick-start at the beginning of your day . . .

My favorite was, "Happy Day," which made me think of bright sunny days when people are having their adventures at the park, or the beach, or enjoying life with friends and family . . .  but, "Starry Night Queen" was a sweet tune, a little more gentle and peaceful with a strong flow of strings . . .


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