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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chill and Dance and all that Jazz . . .

Hiddeminside, "Time to Chill vol.3"

So many sounds that intrigue as the listener is relaxing or dancing to this music .  .  .  a perfect album to play in the background and listen, or do things that require a little energy and thought . . . the music clears the brain and inspires the imagination . . . 


NuJazz-Trio, "Nujazz-trio V"

Loved the piano . . . the brush drum sweeping all the cares away from the listener's heart . . .  an interlude of jazz is always a good way to warm the soul and awaken the psyche with a little mixed emotion . .  Excellent!!


Pidelta sound, "Greatest Hits - Frammentazioni

As I started to listen . . . I became warmed by the music . . . the heart of the vocalist came through with emotion and candor . . . a truly enjoyable listen . .  uplifting and tender . . . and thus I was captivated and stayed to listen throughout this lovely album . . . I must say, that I appreciated the instrumental aspect of these tracks more than the vocals as the words were sung in a language unfamiliar to my comprehension . . . yet the over-all feeling was evident to the listener!


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