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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Music Makes the Moment . . .

"River of Gold" by Hervé Southman and Jony Tomelin

http://fandalism.com/southman (Southman on Fandalism.com)

http://fandalism.com/jcttbo  (Jony Tomelin on Fandalism.com)

These lyrics are so beautiful, a wistful tenderness that reaches deep into the soul of us all . . . as we all have been there deep in that sadness . . . Jony expressed and sang it so well . .. the emotions are tangible and alive . .. The melody and vocals, the lyrics and the instruments . . . all put together to make an excellent composition . . . my heart was melted as I listened . . .. Beautiful!


Aufklarung, "Two Mantra"

A peaceful interlude created with gentle instruments, the sound of nature and a general sense of dreaminess . . .


Septetra, "Patterns In Time"

Jazzy, yet eclectic enough to pass for an anytime music . .  background, relaxing, slow dancing . . . using standard jazz instruments, yet adding interesting and exotic tools to make the music deep enough to have vision and poetry . . . This listener quite enjoyed the avenues this music took her down and listened for several hours . . ..  finding dreams and emotions to electrify her heart . . .. 


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