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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bell-Like Sounds of Uplifting Music . . .

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Sasha Tonik, "V"

I like walking and I love wolves . .  so the art work of the album cover, and the track titles appealed to me . . . and as I listened I fell in love with the energy and beat which inspiring me to dance or move with the rhythm . . . The soul of the music building and enlightening . . . very nice album.


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Thisan, "El trovador"

The upbeat feeling, emanating from these two tracks, was so refreshing and capable of giving the listener wings and energy and joy . . . Great music with which to walk, or jog, or dance  . . .  the whole package was composed with talent and insight and presented as a gift to the ears and the heart . ..  Beautiful!


Café Del Chillia , "Pyramide Dust"

His chill just keeps getting better and better . . . and I find it next to impossible to pick my favorite of these three versions of "Pyramide Dust" . . . all were dreamy, cool and calming yet with that energy to keep the listener awake . . . the feeling of breathing cool deep breaths of fresh air . . .The metallic sound of the  drum, in track three captivated my ear. . . . And the smooth lounge atmosphere of track one, where the twinkle of stars intercepts the darkness, had a very strong appeal; The flow of the piano and the sweet melody touched my heart in track two . . ..  but then it's so hard to tell if there was a better track because all those good sounds and feelings were in all three versions  . . . I loved them all . . .



  1. Thank you my friend, I appreciate it much with all respect to you, to your comments, I'm proud to say thank you again.

  2. And you are welcome! Always enjoy the music and feel the peace!