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Friday, June 14, 2013

. . . SPACEY . . . .

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Putsasoll, "To infinity and beyond - (single)"

Beginning with bells, and simple noise, this piece develops into a high flying music to take the listener into the furthest reaches of the Cosmos . . .   

I imagined a story, in which I was waiting inside a device that would take me away from the heavy burdens and gravity of this earth . . . rise high and away until I am floating peacefully, like an eternal bubble . . . shooting through the ether . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Jorisma, "Emotion"

Electric, spacey, chill, are some of the adjectives which I would use to describe this music .  . . All of these tracks would be great on a video or set for background music at a party. I found this music to be energizing and vibrant and uplifting . . .. but always with the feeling of drivenness . . . as in through the air and out into space . . . perhaps with wings of silver . . . gliding on and on . . . 

This was an album in which all the music blended well . .  One of my favorites was "Bosque Encantado" which incorporated a little dreaminess in the spirit of the music. And "Chico Inquieto" was so uplifting and happy, I found myself mentally skipping down a forest pathway . . . The electronic sounds were used judiciously as to add a little intrigue, while the music dominated with a sweet melody.

Over all . .  a perfect album!


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Time Sequencers, "Planet Yaxoz"

Well, when you throw such interesting sounds in . . . I have to listen. This had so many interesting twists and turns that I found myself visualizing a spacey video game . ..  my little character running and jumping and avoiding the aliens . .  What fun . . . and an enjoyable listen . . . I think it would make a great set of dance tunes too . . . Each track had its own unique personality  . . . an electronic house of fun!


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