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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pierre-Marie Cœdès, Musician Extraordinaire . . .

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Pierre-Marie Cœdès, Musician Extraordinaire . . .
with a big heart 
and the eyes of a child . . .
composes music with the skill
and creativity of
a virtuoso . . .

P.M. is a dear friend of mine . . . someone who is always there, being encouraging and just being kind . . . I have written reviews for him for many years, when he was on Jamendo and I kind of miss him there . . . yet all his old music is still there so I share that widget here today. 

I just discovered his new Concerto, on SoundCloud, 25 minutes of pure bliss . . . listen while your eyes are closed. Find the highest mountain craig with the freshest air . . . hear the breath of the angels and dream of beauty .  . the drama of a sunset . . . the whisper of the wind . . . look to the anguish of humankind . . . rushing to a fro . . . despairing and despising . .  yet find the beauty in every beastly one of us . . . and know that in each breast beats a heart of flames . . . passion which drives us and raises us to the heights of angels . ..  Pierre-Marie is able to find that beauty in people . . . join him!


  1. OMG Barb, what a tribute. It ma leave me wordless but not thought less and my heart beats faster reading your beautiful words.
    Yes, we have you and I a long story by now, sharing music, pictures, poetry, and day to day events, Life in short, for the word, not the endless story.

    Everyday, I have a thought for you, and especially now that you are at last enjoying free time, rest, and days without schedule, holidays. I love this word which says that these days are hollies, and yes they are.

    So, enjoy each and everyday of this blessed time, without forgetting to take care of your ear.

    I love you Barb. a big hug and kiss.

  2. PM . . . I am so glad you liked this little tribute . . . :D