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Friday, June 21, 2013

Three for Jazzy Moods . . .

Régis V. Gronoff,  "Voyageurs"

Hmmmm . . . I loved the album cover, tasteful and enticing.  The music, overall, was jazzy with a bit of country, using emotive, chatty, expressive, twangy guitars, fleeting strings, brassy notes, warm drums, and an upbeat keyboard  . . . The music was amazingly lively and gave a strong sense of happiness and joy.  There were brief fleeting moments of blue . . but the golden sunshine, of this music, warmed my heart and kept me energized. My feet kept dancing. I think my favorite track was, "Suspended Eagle," which gave me the internal vision of a soaring eagle . .  held high against a striking blue sky, above the mountain side cliffs . .  wings spread wide, feather tips ruffled by the warm breezes  . .  my heart is lifted and I too soar with the ease of angels . . . or eagles . . . Beautiful album!


SONICAWAY, "Set list"

Electronic music with differing flavors, inspiring and meditative. I must say that "Indi" grabbed my fancy, and I found myself dancing about the room . . . And "Afro" with its BIG drums and wild beat just drove me crazy  .. .. I wanted to listen to that one for hours, dancing wildly . . . my hands raised to a deep star studded night, my soul dances with the gods . . . And the jazzy goodness of "Free Jazz Shane" was so wonderful as to lighten my heart with an awesome, Asian spice which made it a not-so-average-jazzy-piece  . . . so with this bit of jazz this album joins this page. Loved this whole eclectic album. 


DJ deejay, "Poets"

I loved these light, bright, jazzy tunes . . . These were long pieces . . . warm or cool, fast or slow tempo, dramatic or calm . . . yet all with inspiring emotional images. I found myself listening for ages, capturing the strong beats, the vivid sounds and turning them into energy for myself.  I loved the title of this album . . . all the music was created to honor twelve ancient poets . .. I felt inspired and motivated and delighted about the whole album.



  1. try these versions:


  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Listening now and enjoying this light jazz . . .