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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Native American Playlist (from Jamendo)

Starting with three of my favorite songs by Zero-Project. As all his music is worthy of happy listenings, one day, I will share his widget, for a month or so, at the foot of my blog . . .  but today I am sharing Native American sounding music from off of Jamendo and my previous reviews regarding them . . .. 

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Zero-project, "Indian spirit (Jamendo edition)"

A very well loved album by a very popular artist:

My review, written as Orangeupurple: "Wonderful . . . I love these Native American styled songs, those powerful drums, that bird like trill with the flute, that plaintive cry, that chant, that solemn beat . . . it all fills in with a unique feeling of a tremendous connection with the land, the beauty of the land, the ancient sacredness of the land, and huge distances across time and place and between peoples . .. . It sings of freedom, love and hope . . . and an enigmatic way of life . . . It fills my heart . . . it touches my soul. And against my tear stained cheeks I feel a healing breath in the winds of these songs . ."


zero-project, "The Great Spirit"

My previous review: "You've always got my heart when you share your Native American musics . . . deeply spiritual and emotional . . or at least to me . . this particular track is quite captivating . . .. and I think of as earthy . . . a heart beat, like distant drums echoing throughout the Universe . .. time stands still . . clouds fill my vision and I am somewhere else . . . Perhaps at the beginning of existence . . . where all things were formed . . . the sparks of my campfire leap up to dance with the stars . .. and I find that I am one with all life . ."


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Laurent Danis, "Lakota Prayer"


Another one of my favorite artists, with some very special music. I loved this one in particular . . . heart touching and it brought the tears to my eyes.


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Out Of Orion (Ox3), "The Breath Of The Great Spirit"

Tagged as ambient, tribal, spokenword, nativeamerican, indians

What I said after I first listened: "The ambience and feelings of this album brought me into an inner vision . . . a kind of visual story . . . This Native American styled album . . . complete with perfect music and great vocals expressing various feelings and tales was simply mesmerizing . . .. This is the kind of album that causes you to close your eyes and lay back and just leave your world, traveling into another, enjoying a powerful experience of life through another's eyes. I especially loved "Lone Wolf" for reasons which escape me (No, I'm joking) . . . mainly because of the drums and also the sentiment of the poetry . . . and also perhaps because of the wolfish howling . .. "Tears of the Ancestors" was absolutely chilling . . . less Native sounding, perhaps taking us beyond this earth and into another horizon . . This was the kind of album that has an exceptional effect on me . .. the sound is stunning and the stories are presented in such a way as to give the feeling of being in the presence of a pretty good movie, play or other entertainment . . . giving me chills, or tears or a racing heart . . . I enjoyed this profound experience. edit: I swear that I could smell the smoke of the campfire . . ."


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And one of my most favorite albums on Jamendo:

Randy Granger, "A Place Called Peace"

Tagged: drum, acoustic, american, indian, native, flute hang

My original review as orangeupurple: "Impossible to believe that there are these Native American sounds on Jamendo . .. I HAVE looked in the past and never found anything . . . These are beautiful and heart touching . . . a music that brings a little peace to my soul . . . simply carries me to the mountain crags and lifts me above the hurts of these grey city streets . . . the drums pulsate throughout my veins . . . revealing that road . . . through the wild places to my heart. . . yes, yes . . . the flute gives me the wings to fly, above the raining clouds. . . and the wilderness shelters me . . . and in the circle of the music . . . there is peace . . yes . . . there is peace. . ."


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